Year-End Bonus/Cash Gift

22. BASIS OF YEB IN CASE EMPLOYEE WAS PROMOTED ON NOVEMBER 5. Hello po good am,, ask ko lang po kung anu basis amount ng year end bonus sa govt if napromote ka ng nov 5. Anu amount po basis ng bonus? Yung dating sweldo po ba o yung bagong sweldo. Please hide my identity. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

21. ON VACATION LEAVE WITHOUT PAY AS OF OCTOBER 31. Hi. please hide my identity. Ask ko lang po if naka VLWOP ka as of Octoner 31, 2018, entitled po ba sa Year End Bonus? Is it still considered in the service as of October 31? thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

20. YEB DIFFERENTIAL. Good day! tanong ku lang po. Who shoulders the differential pay sa year-end bonus sa isang transferred employee? i assumed office with this Commission (holding SG 11)last October 1, 2018, prior to my transfer I was with a National government agency (holding SG 14). I left the NGA last September 30, 2018 (there was no break in service).Please Hide my identity. Thank you po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

19. YEB/CG OF OUTGOING AND NEWLY-ELECTED BARANGAY OFFICIALS. Good evening PLEASE hide my identify po. Ask ko lang po kung magkano po talaga yong Cash gift ng mga Barangay Officials? And paano po ang hatian nong mga dating Barangay Officials at sa mga Bago? Thank po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

18. YEB/CG NOT RELEASED BY PREVIOUS EMPLOYER. Ano po yung pwedeng gawin if hindi po ibinigay ng isang government office ang prorated end year bonus ng resigned worker nila? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

17. EMPLOYEE SUSPENDED FOR ONE (1) MONTH. Hi GABOTAF… Please hide my identity. Kapag pa na suspend ang isang empleyado ng 1 month within the year sa period na January to October 31, entitled ba siya sa Year End bonus at CG? Resumed back to work na and service na as of October 31 at nakumpleto ang 4-month requirement. Thank you! [Click here to go to the online open forum]

16. YEB/CG OF INCOMING AND OUTGOING BARANGAY OFFICIALS. Hi Gab!!Question po. Is the former barangay official who served from January to June of the current election year but not re-elected/end of term entitled to Year End Bonus and Cash Gift? If so, is it pro-rated? How ’bout the Newly elected officers who assume their office July of the current year? Are they entitled to Year End Bonus? If so, is it equivalent to 1 month basic or pro-rated? Please enlighten me. Thank you!! [Click here to go to the online open forum]

15. IN CASE OF TRANSFER, WHAT BASIC SALARY SHOULD BE USED? Question lang po..transfered from one govt agency to another govt agency..what YEB rate will be given? from prior employer or current employer? august 11 po nag start sa current employer.thanks po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

14. LIGA NG MGA BARANGAY PRESIDENTS, ARE THEY ENTITLED TO YEB AND CG? hi! are presidents of liga ng mga barangay in the municipal and provincial level entitled to yearend bonus? they were elected may 2018 as punong brgy and likewise elected as liga president middle of july 2018. for purposes of counting the 4mos actual service rendered, considered po ba sa bilangan yung july1 up to date of assumption as liga president? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

13. EMPLOYEE WITH DISMISSAL UNDER APPEAL. Good evening po.. may question lang po sa YEB and Cash Gift. if an employee was suspended by the Mayor for 2 months and then dismissed from the service by the Mayor also by mid of October, and the dismissal order of the Mayor is under appeal what will be the prorated share of the employee in the YEB and CG? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

12. WHAT APPOINTMENT SHOULD PREVAIL? Hi po. May Tanong po ako regarding YEB at CG. May employee kasi kami na Temporary Yung Appoinment as Municipal Engineer SG24, tapos nung nag renew sya ng Temporary Appointment nya last June 2018, nadisapproved, hindi na umapelA, bali hanggang June 30 sya Municipal Engineer.., Tapos may Vacant item Yung MDRRMO namin, yun inappLyan na, inappoint sya ng mayor, although nadisapprove din ng CSC, nag appeal sya,,August sya naappoint as MDRRMO, SG19. Tanong, saan namin ibabase ang computation ng YEB nya at CG.. THANKS PO. SANA MASAGOT. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

11. FROM CASUAL EMPLOYEE TO JOB ORDER WORKER. hello po good morning, i have question po regarding sa year end bonus.. nag work po ako sa isang government office lat feb 19, 2018 to september 28, 2018 as casual, tapos nag transfer po ako ng work sa mejo malapit sa amin,government office din as j.o.. tanong ko po makakakuha po ba ako ng nasabing bonus?? pls. hide my identity po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

10. PRIOR YEAR’S YEAR-END BONUS. Good evening po. Itatanong ko lng po sana. Nahire po kasi ako June 15, 2016. Kasalukuyan po ay kawani pa din ako ng gobyerno. Ngunit hnd ako nktanggap ng year end bonus noong taon n un. Cash gift na 5,000 po ang natanggap ko nung December 2016. Ako po b ay qualified n makatanggap dapat ng year end bonus nung 2016? Pwede ko p po b makuha iyon kung iapila ko s munsipyo? Mrming slamat po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

9. CLEARANCE FROM MONIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES BEFORE RELEASE OF BONUS. Sir can we not release the bonus or exclude the bonus of those employees separated from agency that doesn’t render or Hindi po nag clearance. Separated on September. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

8. EMPLOYEE PROMOTED ON OCTOBER 29. An employee was promoted and officially assumed on the new assignment on October 29, 2018. Question: How much is the YEB? the old salary or the new? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

7. CONTRACTUAL PERSONNEL. Gud evening po. Pa help naman po. This is regarding sa entitlement sa year-end bonus and cash gift. Meron po kaming co-employee na contractual Jan1-May31,2018. Tapos d po xa narenew June to July. Nareemploy po xa ulit as contractual Aug 6, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018. I would like to ask, entitled po ba xa sa 1 month basic salary (year-end bonus) and 5,000 cash gift? Thanks and God bless. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

6. HOW TO COUNT NUMBER OF DAYS ON SERVICES RENDERED. Good morning po. Regarding Year end bonus. For the purpose of counting moths of service, July 2 po kasi yung newly hired employees, condidered po ba na nag render sya ng 4 months kahit hindi July 1 appointment nya? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

5. EFFECT OF LEAVE WITHOUT PAY. Hi gabbie! What will be the effect on the employee’s year end bonus and cash gift if he went on a 45-days leave without pay? He reported back in the office last October 30. Please hide my identity.thank a lot! [Click here to go to the online open forum]

4. NEWLY-ELECTED BARANGAY OFFICIALS. Good day po. Ask ko lang po if may bonus po ba ang mga newly elected na barangay officials for the year 2018? Nag-aasume sila to office ng July 2018. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

3. BRGY. KAGAWAD. How to compute the CG and YEB of barangay kagawads under the following conditions: 1. Kagawad A – Service from Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2018 2. Kagawad B – Service from Jul 1 – present. Thanks po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

2. RETIRED/SEPARATED. Good pm po. May tanong po ako qualification regarding sa YEB and CG. Mayroon po kaming employee na nagretire ng April 2, 2018, entitled po ba siya sa YEB and CG? Pls hide my identity po. Thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

1. RESIGNED/SEPARATED. Good noon po, to inquire lang po (please hide my identity). If a personal officially resigned in the middle of June from a government agency but got hired by a new government agency by end of August, is the personnel entitled to the Year end bonus and cash gift by November coming from the previous agency? If yes, what is the legal basis to support the claim and how will it be computed? Any response will be appreciated. Thank you very much. [Click here to go to the online open forum]