Representation and Transportation Allowance (RATA)

4. COMMUNICATION ALLOWANCES VIS-A-VIS RATA. Hi Gabotaf! Question po regarding communication allowance of officers. Is it commutable or reimbursable? If an officer is already receiving RATA, will he/she be entitled to receive communication allowance? If may reference po kayo, it would be a lot of help. Thanks! Happy holidays. Enjoy the busy season GABOTAF pips! 😊 [Click here to go to the online open forum]

3. INTERNALLY-GENERATED OFFICER-IN-CHARGE (OIC). Question lng po. entitled po ba sa Representation allowance those internally created OIC (ex. faculty designated as OIC director, they are de-loaded from 21 units load to 6 units load to perform their duties) this is not GAA fund but from Special Trust fund. (Click here to go to the online open forum]

2. BASIS IN DEDUCTING THE TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE (TA). Hi po, ask ko lang po if paano yung computation nyo in deducting TA for officials using gov’t vehicles? ano po legal basis for this? thanks so much po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

1. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS. What are the documentary requirements needed in order for an OIC to claim his reimbursable RATA? [Click here to go to the online open forum]