Other Relevant Issues

30. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PURCHASE OF LOT. Request po, pk post yung mga requirements on the Purchase of Lot… kc po yung government hosp namin dito, bibili lng lot… may Appraiser po at yung Zonal,,, lower po yung prices… compared sa seller price…Ok lng po ba yung amount that we will pay , it is based sa Seller??? As Accountable Officer , can I sign that transactions ??? Pls guide us.. and also pk attach po yung checklist, requirements to Purchase the Lot…Much thanks…[Click here to go to the online open forum]

29. WHEN TO EFFECT STEP INCREMENT. hi, gud morning. i would like to ask po, when po dapat mag effect ang step increment ng isang employee. on the date of appointment after 3 years or next day pa po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

28. LEASEHOLD ASSET IMPROVEMENT. hello po, merry christmas, pa query naman po regarding leasehold asset improvement, kung nagrerent ba kami ng building used as our office then my mga improvements kami na ginawa, pwd ba un irecognize as leasehold asset improvement? kahit hindi naman ito nakabook samin sa leased asset? pls dont post my identity, thanks po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

27. WHO PREPARES DOCUMENTS FROM PURCHASE REQUEST TO INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE REPORT? question lang po and please hide my identity bookkeeper po ba ang dapat na gumagawa ng mga docs from purchase request to iar? (deped) thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

26. CHECKLIST OF DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS FOR COMMON GOVERNMENT TRANSACTION. Anong coa circular ang reference para sa mga needed attachments ng mga vouchers? thank you gabotaf. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

25. LEGAL BASIS FOR THE MONTHLY RELOCATION ALLOWANCE OF LGU AUDITORS. Good day, Gabbie. please hide my identity. Ask ko lang po kong anong legal basis ng COA kung mayron man, sa pag claim nang ATL sa LGU nang monthly relocation allowance. salamat. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

25. ARE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ALLOWED TO PURCHASE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS? I Allowed ba ang national government mag purchase for christmas decoration? Thanx. [Click here to go to tthe online open forum]

24. MANUAL/GUIDELINE ON THE PREPARATION OF GENERAL PAYROLL OF LGUs. Hi is there any guidelines or manual on preparation of general payroll of LGUs? Thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

23. WHEN TO CAPITALIZE REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE? Hello gabotaf. Good afternoon. Tanong ko lang, ano po ba basis para i recognize ang repairs expense as minor repairs or major repairs?and kung major repairs, i cacapitalize po ba sya sa asset repaired? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

22. USE OF SAVINGS FROM MOOE ITEMS TO AUGMENT REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE. Pwede po bang gamitin ung savings sa mooe ng agency para sa repairs and maintenance ng office?or need itong iparealign sa capital outlay para magamit.pls hide my identity thanks. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

21. PRIVATE CITIZEN REQUESTING AUDIT. good afternoon po. pano po kaya kami makakarequest na iaudit ung allotment ng fund para sa scholarship ng provincial government. kasi po napansin po naming may mali sa prinisent sa amin na computation. Private citizen po ako. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

20. HEAD OF AGENCY’S SPOUSE INTERVENING TO THE AGENCY’S FINANCIAL TRANSACTION. Hi gabotaf. I am apologizing in advance for this lengthy message. I am new to the agency and I’m surprised that an “outsider” can intervene with our agency’s transactions. The spouse of the head of our agency is a COA auditor. Hindi po sya one of the assigned auditors to our agency. Pero lahat ng financial transactions namin eh dumadaan muna sa kanya before pirmahan ng aming head. Our head will not sign any document unless reviewed na ng asawa nya. Though it prevents having transactions that may later be subjected to disallowances, there are times that it is too bothersome. Nacomply naman namin ung minimum requirements pero kung anu-ano pang supporting documents ang hahanapin samin. It mostly happens kapag ang supporting documents (like the PR and PO attached to a DV) are still signed by the previous head. (There was a recent change with the head of agency. And yes, office politics sucks.) Do you think this is acceptable. Does being a COA auditor give you the right to intervene with any agency’s transactions? Please hide my identity. Thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

19. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS/FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Hello po, request for advice po from your followers. What are the attachments to the disbursement voucher for those association requesting for financial support in the amount of 3k lang? Thank you! (Pls hide my identity again. Tnx) [Click here to go to the online open forum]

18. QUALIFICATIONS FOR A BUDGET OFFICER POSITION. Hi, please hide my identity as well. Would like to ask isa sa mga qualifications kasi ng budget officer should be a holder of college degree preferably in accounting, economics, public administration or related course. Does this mean yan talaga ang course na dapat tanggapin for that position? Or pwedeng any 4 year college course like hrm or business administration basta graduate ka and you meet the other qualifications. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

17. GUIDELINES ON CAPITALIZING REPAIRS. Meron po bang rules or guidelines when it comes to repairs of machineries and equipment? For example, nasa 1.6M yung cost ng Machine. Pero meron po syang Repairs na umabot ng 500k. Di naman po sya pwedeng gawing Capital Outlay since wala pong allotment for CO, kaya MOOE lang. COAble po ba yan? Pahingi po guidelines. Thanks. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

16. SETTLEMENT OF DISALLOWANCE PRIOR TO NOTICE OF FINAL DECISION. Pls. hide my identity. Ano po sanctions ng Chief Accountant (if any) kung nagdemand cya ng settlement for disallowance ng empleyado kahit wala pang finality just because magreretiro na ang personnel subject for disallowance? hindi nya pipirmahan ang clearance ng empleyado kung hindi magsettle ng disallowance. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

15. WHO SHOULD REQUEST CASH FROM THE DBM? Between accountant and budget officer, kanino responsibility ang pagrequest ng cash sa dbm…for example end of the year na at kulang na cash na nareleased ng dbm at marerequest ang addl cash? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

14. DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS FOR THE HONORARIUM OF BARANGAY OFFICIALS. Good evening…please hide my identity. Ask ko lang po, meron ba o ano ang dapat isubmit ng Barangay Treasurer bago po gumawa ang Brgy. Secretary ng Resolution for approval and authorizing the Barangay Treasurer to withdraw para sa Honorarium? o Barangay Secretary na lang ang mag kocompute base sa nakalagay sa Annual Budget? thanks. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

13. WHO SHOULD PREPARE BEDs? hello. inquiry po relative to the preparation of BEDs, sino po ba dapat responsible sa pagprepare ng BEDs budget officer po ba or accountant or both? hehehe mdyo naguguluhan po. thank you po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

12. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY-LEVEL GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTANT. Good day po! Ask ko lang po kung ano po usually ang mga requirements/qualifications para sa isang entry-level accountant? thanks po. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

11. P2,000 REGISTRATION FEE FOR A LIVE-OUT SEMINAR, REASONABLE? Makatarungan ba yung paseminar ng COA na 2k per day for 4 days ang registration fee tapos leave out pa? Anong masasabi niyo guys? Please hide my identity. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

10. BANK STATEMENT. Hi! Sino po ang dapat kumuha ng bank statement? Cashier o accounting? Thnx and more power. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

9. INSUFFICIENT BUDGET. Good Day. Ask lang po. What if fully utilized na ang budget sa mooe for this year, like sa travelling expenses. Ano po ba dapat gawin? May re-alignment na po ginawa pero kapos pa din. Ok lang ba i-reimburse ang excess and ideduct for next year’s budget? Ano po ba basis if any. Please hide my identity. Thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

8. CHRISTMAS PARTY. Hello po. Would like to inquire about. Are we allowed to spend government money for Christmas Party? Pls, say NO. Thank you. 😊 [Click here to go to the online open forum]

7. BALANCE INQUIRY. Hello. Ask ko lang po. Kanino po ba trabaho ang maginquire ng bank balance? Accountant po ba or cashier? (NGA). Yung kasing cashier namin. Hindi daw niya trabaho ang magkuha ng bank balance. Trabaho daw iyon ng accountant.Para iconfirm kung dumating na ba yong NTA namin. (sic) [Click here to go to the online open forum]

6. FUNDS VS. CASH AVAILABILITY. Hi. I am new in government. I noticed in our DV that our accountant certifies as to funds availability while our treasurer certifies as to cash availability. What’s the difference between the two? And lastly, as accountant, how do you know/determine if there is fund available for a voucher? Thank you. Pls do not disclose my name. Thanks (sic) [Click here to go to the online open forum]

5. EXCESS CASH ADVANCE. Hi. I have query regarding excess cash advance. Please correct me if im wrong. Excess cash advance is being remitted to BTR, right? If yes, I would like to know if we can request for the issuance of NCA for those remittances so that we can use it again? Thank u.. Please do not disclose my name. Thanks. Paadd pa po ng isa. Dba ang excess cash advance is considered as part of other receipts? How come our office don’t allow it to be included in FAR No. 5? Thank you. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

4. NORSA. May katanungan lang po ako, this is about excess of Cash Advance granted to employees. May nakalagay sa manual [daw] (hindi ko pa nabasa, well yan ang sabi sa akin) na pag may excess CA ay mag aadjust ang budget officer sa Obligations nya for that particular CA to tally with the actual amount after he/she received the NORSA from the accountant. How true is it? And how would it affect the FAR1 and 1a ? Kasi sa tingin ko po pag nag adjust ang obligations to actual amount eh madidisrupt ang FARs specifically the disbursement columns.. Tnx in advance. (sic) *NORSA – Notice of Obligation Request and Status Adjustment. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

3. ACOUNTANT’S WAIVER. Hi. Gabbies!!! Pwede po kayang makahingi ng sample na waiver, for Accountants, when he/she determined that a transaction is considered IUEEU. And they’re forcing the Accountant to sign the DV. Thank u in advance. [Click here to go to the online open forum]

2. BUDGET PREPARATION – LGU. Sa LGU kasi namin lagi naman ako nakaka-submit ng budget on or before October 16. Pero na-press release ako dhilan nale-late appoval ng budget sa sangguniang panlalawigan pero, november/december naka-submit kami sa panlalawigan. Late paba un? Hindi ba fault yun ng budget officer? [Click here to go to the online open forum]

1. SALARY COMPUTATION USING 22-DAY FACTOR. Hi Gabotaf, concerning lang to dun sa theory mo about sa salary na 22 days, or yung paid lang sa govt employees eh weekdays. I have an officemate, who assummed last sept. 3 (First Monday of the Month) Pero upon receipt ng first salary nya, bawas sya ng 2 days. Counted yung Sept. 1 and 2 dun sa computation nung 22 days eventhough saturday and sunday yun. Kaya medyo confusing talaga. I hope may mag clarify na taga CSC, DBM, or COA. [Click here to go to the online open forum]